Freelance Academic & Consultant, Numerous Clients, 2013-  Teaching graduate university courses and seminars, as well as training; Supervising PhD thesis; Designing courses, curricula and degree Programs; Performing and supervising Research and Development projects; Authoring and reviewing academic Publications; Authoring and reviewing research funding Proposals; Team building, including recruitment and interviewing; Providing technical due diligence services investigating and evaluating companies and products that my clients would like to invest in and/or acquire; Authoring background reports providing the academic & industrial state-of-the-art in emerging areas; Membership in advisory boards and executive committees; Connecting & networking stakeholders; Giving keynote lectures; and more. Also numerous pro-bono services and positions; click here for the services section

(following near-fatal accident on September 7, 2017, was unconscious in Intensive Care Unit for a week, and underwent surgery, and then multi-month recovery followed)

Full Professor and Institute Director, Innopolis University, 2015-2017 

(Innopolis was originally created in collaboration with CMU USA, one of the world's 4 best unis in computer science, and is together with Skolkovo the two top universities of its country)

Researcher, National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos, 2013-2016

Ass. Professor of Research (Adjunct), New York University (NYU) Poly in Brooklyn, NY, 2012-2015

Ass. Professor of Computer Engineering, New York University (NYU) Abu Dhabi, 2011-2013

Asst. Professor of Intelligent Systems, CIT, United Arab Emirates University, 2007-2011

Founder and Director, Interactive Robots and Media Lab2008-

Research Asst., MIT Media Lab, Affective Computing & Cognitive Machines, 2002-2007 Areas: Interactive Robots and Language, Vision & face recognition, Activity Det. & Rec.  

Researcher, Informatics & Telematics Institute (ITI), Greece, 2000-2001 Area: EU HiScore Project: Face & Gesture Rec. using novel 3D cameras

Design Engineer, CPERI/FORTH, Greece, 1999-2000 Area: Designed HW/SW, built, wrote basic OS for Perseus, a meas./control computer 2. Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities

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