Artificial Intelligence: Myth vs. Reality, Series "Physica" of "Anixneyseis" Program, April 2024

Towards a more Holistic View of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Guest lecture for University of Western Macedonia, March 2024


Participant and conversant in Academic Salon held for Sebastien Bubeck, head of the Machine Learning Foundations group at Microsoft Research Redmont, alongside distinguished MIT professors such as Peter Szolovits, Tomaso Poggio, John Tsitsiklis, Manolis Kellis, and more, Massachusetts March 2023 

The future is yours: Invited Talk for Graduation Ceremony of the "Mandoulides" high-school of Thessaloniki, June 2023

Artificial Intelligence Data Science and Ethics in Healthcare, Guest lecture for National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Medical School, May 2023


Where might be the Metaverse be leading us to? Series "Physica" of "Anixneyseis" Program, November 2022

AI in Supply Chain and Logistics-Ports-Shipping, AIIA Forum 2022, San Jose / Athens, June 2022 

Driving Operational Improvement in Healthcare, Business Transformation Tour for Healthcare, UAE / Spain / Greece, May 2022

Future of Work Conference, Keynote, Live Online & Interactive, March 2022

The Dubai international Expo2020: From Robots to AI and the Sustainable Development Goals, Series "Physica" of "Anixneyseis" Program, March 2022

What does the Metaverse hold in store for us? 1st Program of Hellenic National Radio & Television, Athens, Greece, January 2022


WEIH2021 IEEE Innovation for Health 2021, Keynote, Thessaloniki, Greece, November 2021

VIHAR2021 3rd International Workshop on Vocal interactivity in-and-between Humans, Animals and Robots, Keynote, Paris, France, October 2021

AFSUG, Search to Insight, Smart Insights, Smart Discovery: More than just Business Intelligence, October 2021

The Industrial Revolution Four (IR4) Conference, Webinar Keynote, Oman, June 2021

16th Annual Customer Service Summit, Keynote on Experience, Affective Technologies, and Interactive Robots, Athens, Greece, June 2021

9th Summer School in Medical Biosciences Research and Management, World Hellenic Biomedical Association (WHBA), Introductory Lecture on Artificial Intelligence Concepts, May 2021

AESE Business School, Seminars on Data Science and Biomedical Applications, Lisbon, Portugal, April 2021


EKT - Hellenic National Documentation Center, Real Skills for Scientists, Webinar on Networking and Community Building, Athens, Greece, October 2020

Board of European Students of Technology (BEST), Webinar Keynote, Athens, Greece, July 2020

OTE Group IT Innovation Center, Keynote in Mix & Match - The Innovation Ecosystem, Athens, Greece, June 2020

BeyondCSR, 1st Connectivity Forum, Keynote From The Minoans to the Post Pandemic World, London, UK, June 2020

Merrimack College, School of Science and Engineering, North Andover, Massachusetts - Feb. 2020

iMEdD - Incubator for Media Education and Development, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Athens, Greece - Feb. 2020


AUC - American University of Cairo, AUC Robotics 2019 Keynote & Panel, Cairo, Egypt - Dec. 2019

EUandU Conference Keynote & Panel, Thessaloniki, Greece - Nov. 2019

ICSR2019 International Conference on Social Robotics, Keynote in Joint Action Workshop, Madrid, Spain - Nov. 2019

Vested2019 Conscious Tech Summit, Keynote & Panel, Hurghada, Egypt - Nov. 2019

ADSD2019 Abu Dhabi Strategic Debates, Participant, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Nov. 2019

HackOnHealth2019 UAE Department of Health Hackathon, Participant & Prize Winner, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Oct. 2019

SpaceApps2019 Remote Keynote Lecture on Robotics for Astronomy Parks, Larisa, Greece - Oct. 2019

DigitalAgenda2019 Keynote, Nicosia, Cyprus - Oct. 2019

AUC - American University of Cairo, Keynote & Panelist at “Global AI Narratives: Research Workshop” by UCambridge, Cairo, Egypt - Oct. 2019

RGConnect19 - Keynote Lecture & Panel for Reload Greece, London, UK - Oct. 2019

HelleExpo2019 - Panelist at "Artificial Intelligence in Education", Thessaloniki, Greece - Sep. 2019

Emirates Environmental Group - Remote Panel Discussion on "Artificial Intelligence & Sustainability", Dubai, UAE - Aug. 2019

Henley & Partners - Participant in "Europe at a Crossroads? 23rd Roundtable with the Government of Greece", Athens, Greece - Jul. 2019

ACAI2019/HAISS2019 - Seminar "From HRI to User Experience and beyond", EurAI Advanced Course on AI, Chania, Greece - Jul. 2019

SEV - Opening Keynote at the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) Workshop on Industry 4.0, Athens, Greece - Jul. 2019

WBP2019 - Panelist at the Women’s Brain Project 2nd Forum, Zurich, Switzerland - Jun. 2019

JAGreece2019 - Keynote Speaker at Junior Achievement (JA) Greece Forum: "Road to success: From Idea to Product", Athens, Greece - May 2019

Laskaridis Foundation - Lecture on "Robots, Emotions, and Ethics", Athens, Greece - May 2019

Gulf Medical University - Masterclass on the "Future of Healthcare & Well-Being: AI, Robotics, and Exponential Change", Dubai, UAE - Apr 2019

Horasis2019 - Panelist on "Robots with a Conscience" in the annual Global Meeting of the Horasis Think Tank, Cascais, Portugal - Apr. 2019

WHF2019 - Talk on the Future of Jobs at the World Human Forum (Convergences^3, 3rd Delphic Meeting), Delphi, Greece - Mar. 2019

EYS2019 - Keynote at Second Economist Youth Summit  "The Future Workplace: The New Jobs, The New Skills", Athens, Greece - Mar. 2019

ACA2019 - Keynote at the Air Convention Athens, "Artificial Intelligence, Humans and the future of Aviation”, Athens, Greece - Mar. 2019

Remote Talk at the Meaning of Life Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA - Mar. 2019

L&T2019 - Keynote Lecture at the 16th Learning & Technology Conference, Effat University, Jeddah, KSA - Mar. 2019

Keynote Lecture at "Bousias Smart Factories" Conference, Athens, Greece - Feb. 2019

Keynote Lecture on "Robotics and their application in the Medical Field", Onassis Foundation Health Day, Athens, Greece - Feb. 2019


Keynote Speaker at SAP Data Innovation Tour, Dubai, UAE - Nov. 2018

Keynote Speaker at Singularity University Summit, Athens, Greece - Nov. 2018

Keynote Speaker at SAP Data Innovation Tour, Riyadh, KSA - Nov. 2018

World AI Show Singapore Edition, Keynote Speaker and Panelist, Singapore - July 2018

Manufacturing IT Summit, Keynote Speaker, Mumbai - June 2018

BVA 2018 - Biovision, Keynote Speaker, Alexandria, Egypt - April 2020

World AI Show Dubai Edition, Keynote Speaker and Panelist, Dubai, UAE - April 2018

(Unconscious in Intensive Care Unit for a week, and underwent surgery, following near-fatal accident on September 7, 2017)


RO-MAN2017 Keynote at "User Experience Evaluation & Communication in Interactive Robotic Systems" workshop, Lisbon, Portugal - Aug. 2017

WHF2017 Workshop Participant at 1st World Human Forum, Delphi. Greece - Mar. 2017

NTUA - Seminar on Machine Learning for the EESTEC Challenge at the National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece - Jan. 2017

ACT - Keynote for the MIT Enterprise Forum 2017 Competition Presentation, American College of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece - Dec. 2017

Skolkovo Robotics 2017 - Keynote Lecture, Panel Discussion and Seminar, Moscow, Russian Federation, April 2017


IEEE AI & Ethics Summit 2016 - One of 16 Speakers total, "Social Implications: Perils & Promises of AI", Brussels, Belgium - Nov. 2016

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Congress 2016 - Keynote, Kazan, Russian Federation, October 2016

SPIEF 2016 - Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, "The role of Information Technology in the implementation of the National Technology Initiative", Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, June 2016

BVA 2016 - BioVision, Keynote Speaker, Alexandria, Egypt - April 2016

(Listings below incomplete; Under Construction)


UOA - University of Athens, Jun 2015

AURAK - American University of Ras Al Khaimah, Mar 2015

WGS2015 - Participant at World Government Summit "Shaping Future Governments", Dubai, UAE - Feb. 2015


Theocharakis Foundation & Embassy of Japan - Invited Lecture on "From Ancient Automata to Modern Robot: Hellas - Japan - Humanity", Athens, Greece - November 2014

RTEX2014 - Keynote for the Robotics Technology Exhibition, Dubai, UAE - Sep. 2014

iCreate2014 - Keynote for International Conference on Robotics & Emerging Allied Technologies in Engineering, Islamabad, Pakistan - Apr. 2014


JUST - Jordan University of Science and Technology, Invited talk at JEWEL, Irbid, Jordan - October 2013

The Land Beyond, Seminar on Migration, Invited talk on Hellenism in the East, Zagorochoria, Greece - August 2013

Horasis2013 - Panelist on "Supporting Innovation" in the Global Meeting of the Horasis Think Tank, Limassol, Cyprus - April 2013

HorasisAM2013 - Panelist on "Fragile Recovery, Fear, and Confrontations" in the Global Annual Meeting of the Horasis Think Tank, Zurich, Switzerland - January 2013


NYUAD - Talk in Workshop "Robotics, Intelligent Systems, and AI in the GCC and Beyond" - June 2012

ICRA2012 - Keynote, Robotics & Performing Arts Workshop, IEEE ICRA Conference, St. Paul, USA - May 2012

INCONET GCC - EU Science and Technology International Cooperation Network - Invited Talk, Dubai, UAE - May 2012

BITS Dubai - Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Dubai Campus, UAE - Apr. 2012


Bielefeld University - Invited Lecture, Bielefeld, Germany - May 2011

Astronomical Society of Corfu - Invited Lecture, Corfu, Greece - April 2011

CulturePolis - Keynote on the Convolution of Hellenism and the East, Arab World Festival, Corfu, Greece - April 2011

CORALLIA Cluster - Keynote for IEEE Greece Section Annual Meeting, Athens, Greece - Apr. 2011

BITS Pilani - Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Main Pilani Campus, India - Mar. 2011

NIMBUS2011 - Keynote for National Institute of Technology Hamirpur TechFest, Hamirpur, India - Mar. 2011


Athens Digital Week - Invited Lecture, Technopolis, Athens, Greece - Oct. 2010

WROAthens2010 - Keynote Lecture, World Robotics Olympiad Local Competition, Athens, Greece - Jun. 2010

TechKriti2010 - Keynote for Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur Techfest, Kanpur, India - Feb. 2010

(Listings below incomplete; Under Construction)


KUSTAR - Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Dec 2009

CMU - Carnegie Mellon University Qatar, Oct 2009

HAISS – Hellenic Artificial Intelligence Summer School, Aug 2009

SEERC – South-East European Research Center, May 2009

ACT – American College of Thessaloniki, May 2009

NTUA - National Technical University of Athens, May 2009


NYU, New York University Abu Dhabi, Dec 2008


IEEE Innovations'07 - Invited Talk, Dubai, UAE, Nov 2007

Cyprus National University, May 2007

McMaster University, May 2007

UToronto – University of Toronto, May 2007

UGuelph – Univesity of Guelph, May 2007

UIUC – University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign, Apr. 2007

ND – Notre Dame University – Apr. 2007

WPI – Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Mar. 2007


Waseda University, Japan – Oct. 2006

Osaka University, Japan – Oct. 2006

ITRI – Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan – Oct. 2006

National Technical University of Taiwan – Oct. 2006

Beijing Academy of Sciences, Control & Automation Lab – Oct. 2006

Tehran University – Aug. 2006


AUD – American University of Dubai – Nov. 2005

AUS – American University of Sharjah – Nov. 2005

AUEB - Athens University of Economics and Business – 2005


GETEX 2008 Gulf Education and Training Exhibition, Dubai: IRML Robots Demonstratations

UAEU 2009 Student Recruitment Event in Abu Dhabi and Dubai: IRML Robots Demonstrations

IDEX 2009 International Defense Exhibition, Abu Dhabi: IRML RoboGuard and other robot Demonstrations, Numerous top worldwide military commanders sign in

Researcher’s Night, Research Promotion Institute, Government of Cyprus First public participation demo of Brain-Computer-Interfacing driving a remote humanoid’s movements (Ibn Sina, in IRML lab in UAE)

GITEX 2009 Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, Dubai: IbnSina robot demonstrations, with Acapela Tech

IHEE 2010 International Higher Education Exhibition, Riyadh: IbnSina robot demonstrations, IRML Booth 

>100 demos of IRML lab and robots between 2008-09 to VIP guests: ministers (education of Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Brunei etc.), ambassadors (Canada etc.), research lab and research agency directors (including NSF etc.), university presidents and deans (Berkeley, KTH etc.).  

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