IEEE UAE award: Received in 2015 for having served as Founder and Chair of the 

IEEE UAE Robotics and Automation (RAS) Society, from 2012-14

Hellenic Artificial Intelligence Society (EETN): Vice-Chair, 2013-17

EU Cognition III Network (EUCog): Member and Selected Participant in "Future Challenges" 

planning workshops for roadmaps of EU CogSys Research, 2010-

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS): Autonomous Mental Development

Language and Cognition Task Force: Co-chair since 2012, Organizer of the symposium

“Embodied vs. Simulated Behaviour and Cognition: What could Robotics contribute to

Language Sciences?” in 50th Annual Convention of the Association for Artificial

Intelligence & Simulation of Behavior (AISB), London, UK, April 1-4 2014

Professional Memberships: IEEE (International Institute of Electrical & Electronic

Engineers), AAAI (American Artificial Intelligence Society), IMA

(Institute of Mathematics and its Applications), TEE (Greek Engineering Syndicate)

Research Proposal Reviewing: French Agence National Recherche, Greek Res. Mat., EU ERC,

Austrian WWTF, Onassis Foundation, and more.

Multi-party Research Proposal Authoring for EU and beyond: Built international

teams and led the proposal creation of 3 EU FP7 and Horizon proposals, and wrote

parts in many more, including US NSF and other international research funding orgs.

Consulting and Training: services have been provided to academics, universities, labs

and companies regarding AI and robotics-related activities, in numerous countries.

University Committees: UAEU IT College Outreach Committee 2009-10,

Student Recruitment Committee 2008-09, Course Coordination Committee

for ITBP219, University Purchasing Committee, Supervision of internships of

6 CIT student groups, and many more

Graduate Program and Research Center Development:Took part in creation of: 

a) UAEU MSc in Cognitive Sciences proposal, b) UAEU PhD program proposal,

c) Research Center in Cognitive Systems and Sciences proposal at UAEU

d) Innopolis Masters in Robotics (designer of program and currciculum)

e) Innopolis Robotics Institute (designer of institute)

GCC Cognitive Science Society: One of the two founding members of the society,

with more than 20 members, ranging across IT, neuroscience, linguistics,

philosophy, medical imaging, psychology, which have spanned across three

universities and two countries. Reading group with 10 enthusiastic 2-hour

presentations per semester

ShanghAI Lectures: Facilitated participation of UAEU and NYU AD

in the international video-conference and online collaboration environment

based lecture series (organized by Prof. Rolf Pfeiffer of UZurich), with participation of

research assistants and students, with full interactivity through H.323 videoconference

“Best pipe inspection robot” award at Schlumberger i-Design: Advised team of two

CIT students which together with two more UAEU students and four

TokyoTech students, who during 2008-09 designed and built a prototype of an oil-

pipe inspection robot, as part of the international i-Design Schlumberger course, and

won the award.

Conference and Workshop Organization: Special Session in IEEE Innovations ’07,

Two workshops in IEEE Innovations ’08 conference, and “Embodied vs.

Simulated Behaviour and Cognition: What could Robotics contribute to

Language Sciences?” workshop in AISB 50th Convention, London, April 1-4 2014

World Robotics Olympiad: Member of four-person team that created and presented

the successful United Arab Emirates bid for hosting the World Robotics Olympiad

2011 in Abu Dhabi. Then, member of technical committee, prepared competitions.

Also taught educational robotics & coached teams (HAEF Athens 2013)

Electrical Engineering Students European Organization EESTEC: Trainer and

Mentor for European Competitions in Machine Learning, IofT, etc. (2014- )

MIT Hellenic Student Association: Vice-President & Executive Committee member (2002-7)

MIT Addir Interfaith Dialog Program: Fellow

MIT Educational Council: Member, performing prospective student interviews

MIT Enterprise Forum: Mentor for numerous start-ups

UCBerkeley HAAS School of Business: Received Social Sector Leadership Certificate

upon completion of seven courses of the Philanthropy University program

Dubai Prime Minister’s Office “Drones for Good” and “Robotics and AI for Good”

competition: Primary Judge

Board Member: In various organizations worldwide, including the Swiss-based

International Non-Profit "Women's Brain Project", advocating for gender-specific

precision medicine related to Brain Disorders (Alzheimer's, Depression etc.)

TED Conferences: TEDx Speaker 4 times (Geneva, Athens, Al Ain, Carthage),

certified for curation and organization of large TEDx events (through TED Global)

Keynote Speaker: Keynotes at Kurzweil's Singularity University Summit, and invited

talks in >10 venues annually, such as institutions, academic & business conferences etc.

Extensive experience in academic program design & accreditation, in curriculum

design, as well as in hiring and team-building for academia/research/startups.

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